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Our Enviromental Story
Ethically sourced from environmentally sustainable plantations

In today’s environment-conscious world, it’s not enough to know that the food we eat is healthy and nutritious – we also want to be sure our food is ethically sourced.


Carotino BetterGhee customers can enjoy this natural, fully traceable natural butter ghee alternative secure in the knowledge that the vitamin-rich red palm fruit oil it contains comes entirely from our own environmentally sustainable plantations in Malaysia which uphold the highest international standards.


The oil from this healthier butter ghee alternative comes from long-established RSPO-certified palm plantations which encourage plant and animal biodiversity and is produced in factories which follow best environmental practice and the highest international standards in all aspects of production.

To view the Carotino Group's Environment Brochure, click here.

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Carotino - Environmentally Sustainable Palm Oil

Carotino - Environmentally Sustainable Palm Oil

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