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Other Applications for BetterGhee


Carotino BetterGhee is great for making delicious Indian and South Asian cuisine, but did you know it's also a handy substitute in other types of non-Asian cooking where you'd normally use butter or margarine? 


It's particularly useful for baking and gives food a rich buttery taste, but with less saturated fat and no cholesterol. Unlike butter or margarine, it doesn't need refrigerating, even after opening, so it's a convenient store cupboard essential. It lasts around three months from opening.

You could try BetterGhee in the following applications:


  • Biscuits, cookies and shortbread

  • Scones, brownies, flapjacks and tray bakes

  • Bread and rolls

  • Shortcrust pastry and pies

  • Pizza bases and garlic bread 

  • Baklava

  • Desserts, creme fillings, sauces and ice cream

Unlike butter or margarine, BetterGhee contains no moisture, so you may need to add a fraction more water or reduce the temperature a little for perfect results.

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